Dog Walking

£6 for 30 minutes – additional dogs at £4 p/dog (up to six dogs at one time)

£10 for 1 hour – additional dogs at £6 p/dog (up to six dogs at one time)

Only dogs that live together will be walked together – I will only walk one client’s dog(s) at any one time. It will only be myself and your dog(s) for the requested walking time. I do not walk other clients dogs together like other dog-walkers. I do have my own transport but I do NOT transport any animals (unless in the event of a medical emergency). This is for your pets own wellbeing and safety. I will arrive at your home or arranged meeting place and walk your dog from there, for the desired time and then walk your dog back again. The walking area will be discussed with you, the owner, and will be designed around your dog’s individual needs. This gives suitability for all breeds of any age. I will not drive your dog to a field and allow them to run around for 10 minutes before driving them home again. When you hire me as your dog walker you can rest assured that your dog will indeed be walked for that length of time, safely and securely and will not spend any time travelling with or without other dogs. They will never be confined with any dogs they are not accustomed to.

Free Extras:-

  • Fresh water will always be provided on return from a walk, bowls must be provided by the owner.
  • I can take pictures of your dog throughout the walk, and with your permission I will use these pictures to promote my services* (all pictures used to promote my services will be watermarked with my business logo, if you would like copies of the original pictures i will be happy to email these to you.)
  • I currently use an app on my phone called ‘map my walk’, this allows me to show you the area and distance walked with your dog*

*providing my phone has adequate battery, I have enough memory for taking and storing pictures and the app is working

(disclaimer: the app is not always 100% accurate)

I understand that some owners prefer to have their dogs walked alongside other peoples dogs, as a means of socialising, this is of course your decision to make and I will be happy to refer you to another dog walker that is happy to accommodate you. If you happen to own a dog that is uncomfortable with their current dog walker, do please get in touch and let me know if my way of doing things might benefit your circumstances. Every dog, like people, has their own personality and what works for one might not suit another. My services may be aimed more towards those not-so-sociable pets who enjoy other humans but not other animals. I have experience with all shapes and sizes and with a variety of temperaments. I’m comfortable around large, strong breeds. I understand the stigma a lot of certain breeds have obtained over the years and I can honestly say that I do not discriminate!

All breeds are welcome.

Isla | Morgan | Gerard | Choccie | Diesel | Ally | Bailey

Additional Services

Alongside my home-made tasty treats, dog walking and microchipping I also offer the following pet services:

Drop-In Service Prices:

(Approximately 30 mins per visit)

Dogs - £12 – Additional dogs £7 each

Includes: feeding, watering, let-outs into garden (when applicable), picking up after toileting.

Puppy visits – £15 (individuals)

(Litters of puppies >3 is an additional £10)

Includes: feeding, watering, any toileting accidents cleaned, let outs and an additional 10 minutes of play-time

Cat Visits – £10 – Additional cats £5 each

Includes: feeding, watering & litter tray spot cleaning

Small Animal Care – £7 per hutch

Includes: feeding, watering & spot cleans

Birds – £6 per cage

Includes: feeding, watering & spot cleans

Reptiles – £6 per viv

Includes: feeding, watering & spot cleans

Aquatics – £5 per tank


Nail clipping – £5 per pet

This is an add-on service that can be provided along side any other service

I am available

Monday – Friday

9am – 6pm

(Later times can be arranged)

Saturdays from

10pm – 5pm

**special appointment only**

*Any visits arranged for after 6pm will have an added £10 charge applied to the final price.*